ISRAEL 2030 is a platform for short lectures about the future vision of the Israeli society.

ISRAEL 2030 began in 2016 in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim and Maccabi Beer.

Among former events we host israeli world-renowned speakers such as: Prof. Dan Ariely, Gideon Amichay, Yanki Margalit, Yaacov Hecht and others, together with Outstanding Israeli youth like Yael Abadi, Barak Raz and Itamar Weizman.

Each of the speakers presented his vision for ISRAEL 2030 in his field of expertise. To date, we have covered a wide range of topics such as future transportation, economics, civil society, the lives of the elderly in major cities and more.

Hope to see you all in our next events.

Meanwhile, we invite you to listen our new podcast at ISRAEL 2030 Facebook page.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Hen MIka (Gideon Amichay’s photo)
VIDEO: Aviad Fox, Daniel Pakes, Eyal Refalov